Toy Story 3

Deemed as ‘Breakout comedy of the Summer’, summer 2010 sees the toy box reopen and our beloved friends from the Toy Story films return.

I was highly anticipating the return of this film and intrigued as to how they were going to move the story on – how were they going to continue the story with a grown up child and a grown up audience?

Despite my reservations, the story exceeded all my expectations and more, here’s the basic plot:

Andy is now 17 and ready to head off to college, leaving Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the toy-box gang to ponder their uncertain futures. When the toys are accidentally donated to the Sunnyside Daycare center they’re initially overjoyed to once again be played with, but their enthusiasm quickly gives way to horror as they discover the true nature of the establishment under the rule of the deceptively welcoming “Lotso” Bear. Now, all of the toys must band together in one final, crazy scheme to escape their confines and return home to Andy.

I enjoyed the first two films as a child but ‘Toy Story 3’ is most certainly my favourite. It combines all the laughs that featured in the first two films with a grown up synopsis that I could really relate to now.  Definitely one that I would recommend and you don’t have to be 10 to watch it – in fact I think it would be appreciated more by those who remember the films the first time around (before we were graced with the 3D versions) – the liaisons between Barbie & Ken are most inappropriate for a 1o year old. The heartfelt ending will also pull on your heartstrings no matter what age you are (or how tough you think you are!) An absolute gem from Disney.


I’m Back!


Today marks the day I return to blogging..

Since my last post I have handed all my University work in – and received my marks back which I am over the moon with and makes all the days and nights of stress so worthwhile.

In the meantime I have thrown myself head first into the exciting, hectic, and wonderfully endearing world of PR.  When I first began the Media and Communication course at BCU I was unsure as to what path I would want to take and left my options open, opting for the broad course. On completion of my second year, my passion for PR has escalated and after completing a month’s stint at two different PR agencies (two weeks at each) I have decided this is the career path I want to take.

I’m not going to pretend I haven’t envisaged the Samantha Jones lifestyle, of cocktail parties and frivolity and not a lot of work, but that is not what attracted me to the PR sphere. The attraction is the sense of pride and achievement you feel when you produce a good piece of work and the excitement you get when you secure a piece of coverage. I’ve always enjoyed the thrill you get when work you’ve done gets praised or work you’ve done gets recognition and this is an aspect of PR I really thrive on. Besides these initial feelings it also excites me how much I have grown in confidence since pursuing this path, pitching to clients and liaising with journalists both at University and on Work Experience has given me a real buzz. Writing is something I have always enjoyed but combining this with so many other aspects of creativity in this field really appeals to me.

 I’ve always been conscious of how much media we consume and intrigued as to how things work behind the scenes. Spending time as part of a team of PR Professionals has really helped me to engage with the world I want to be a part of and has really fuelled me up to make the most of the opportunities I am given. I thrived on the tasks I was given during my time at both companies and have come away with a portfolio of work which puts me on the first step of a ladder to where I want to be after completion of my degree next year.

I can’t give a big enough thanks to those at Big Cat and Grayling Midlands for letting me be a part of your teams. I’ve been truly inspired by my time with you. Special thanks goes to Natalie and Chris at Big Cat who were wonderful mentors during my time there and Becky and Jade at Grayling.

In other news, I am embracing all that summer has to offer, the opportunity of an afternoon in the garden catching those precious sun rays, listening to ‘Katy Perry – California Girls’ is just bliss. An afternoon in the beer garden getting merry with my nearest and dearest is always a pleasure.  As well as the epic SALES that the summer brings with it – hours trawling through racks in River Island and NEXT, stumbling home with bags of my new favourite clothes.

September 2010 will see me jump on a plane to the sun with my wonderful friends and then return to the third year of University.

I’m hoping to reinvent my blog and make plenty more regular pit stops here as my summer continues – watch this space.

Recycled Sex And The City2 Fashion & My Farewell


I came across this article this morning which combines recycling with my favourite film ‘Sex and the City 2’ which I watched on the day it graced the cinemas here in the UK.

I wasn’t aware that this recycled candy wrapper bag featured in the film, carried by Samantha Jones. This really proves that recycling is keeping up with fashion world, particularly if you think about the reputation that ‘Sex and the City’ has for its style and the clothes and accessories are a huge part of the film and peoples enjoyment of it.

Visit the original article here and the website here to read more about the designs.  

I’m saying goodbye to Birmingham Recycled today as I prepare to hand in my final assignment of year 2, which I still cannot believe, the year has flown by. I’ve enjoyed contributing to a regular blog and hope to keep it up after the module has ended. I think having a platform such as this in the current industry is invaluable and since commencing the module I have also become more equipped with the workings of Twitter and the importance of networking with other people in the industry, this is an aspect of the course I will most definitely continue with.

Nestle’ unleashes palm oil sustainability pledge

Back in March I blogged about the scandal surrounding Nestle and their use of palm oil in their best-loved product – Kit Kat. Since then an ugly-looking rain cloud has hovered above the heads of Nestle bosses and today it was announced that Nestle plan to cut ties with any of its palm oil suppliers that cannot meet certain sustainability criteria. Quite a clean-cut approach considering we are only three months down the line since the scandal was first unleashed, but good move by Nestle I say, this may turn things around for them, after receiving criticism from NGO’s including Greenpeace regarding its policy on palm oil procurement.

The big food giant is now acting on the offensive with their latest measures to ensure they turn their reputation around. The new plan states that those who do not meet certain sustainability standards, would no longer be a supplier for the Nestle brand until they can prove that the situation has improved – whether things will ever improve remains to be seen.

Greenpeace have been running a campaign for the last eight weeks, encouraging consumers to contact Nestle’ – calling for an end in the use of palm oil from companies that are said to be “destroying the rainforest”.

 The pressure group has met with Nestle’ executives several times to discuss the problems with sourcing of palm oil and paper products. Despite these meetings the pressure group are said to still be shocked at the outright decision announced by Nestle’ this week. They said;

“It certainly seemed like things were moving forward in these discussions. But we didn’t expect Nestle to come up with such a comprehensive ‘zero deforestation’ policy so quickly.”

So a rumbling debate and one which – despite Nestle’s plea – could continue for a while. The ball is now in the suppliers court.

Update: Birmingham Recycled Stories

These are the stories I am following up at the moment.

Still chasing a lead for Marks and Spencer’s story from last week, this however may fall at the way side due to it no longer having as much time relevance, but I am interested in seeing how the project has progressed since its launch and if the shift to more eco-friendly packaging has made any difference to customers buying habits or sales in general of this particular range.

The Honda green car is likely to be my next story, there’s lots of buzz around its latest release, and I have some leads from people in the know as to where to go for information on the new designs. This could also be linked with the news that the new coalition government need to do much more to clarify green vehicle strategies.

Energy Generating Game

People often want to know how to save ‘Energy’, however it can often be seen as a chore or a nuisance which interrupts our daily lives. Here’s a quirky way that we can generate our own ‘Energy’.

A chinese designer, ‘Zheng Weixi’ has created a portable game, like the Rubix Cube, which helps to generate energy as your playing the game.

The energy generated from the ‘magic charger’ can then be used to charge your small gadgets. not bad ay? you can read more about it and the way it works here. (includes photos and makes the technology bit a little clearer!)

The Future is Green

The hot topic at the moment is ‘entrepreneurs’, in the past week I’ve watched two programmes related to young people inspiring to make their dreams and ideas a reality. The drive and enthusiasm these individuals have is really inspirational and exciting.

The first being the obvious, ‘Junior Apprentice’ the characters on this programme are brilliant, rather humorous at times and act so grown up for the age they are, but what stands out the most is their enthusiasm to get where they want to be.

 The second was ‘High Street Dreams’ fronted by famous perfume entrepreneurial business woman ‘Jo Malone’. The programme gave people with home-grown ideas the opportunity to pitch to a high street store, in the hope that the stores would place orders for the new designs to feature on their shelves.

So it seems to me there is an increasing interest in this field and the ‘big gun entrepreneurs’ want to encourage others to get involved and make something of the ideas they have. Well done Mr Sugar, it is certainly catching on! This could make for an exciting future….

The movers and shakers in the ‘Green’ world are being shook up by these new entrepreneurs too. Callum Davis a 19-year-old has set up a successful green product company called ‘EcoCharlie’ set to make an estimated turnover of £150,000 this year, rather impressive for a chap who’s only a month shy of turning 20. He put his University place at Plymouth on hold in order to peruse his passions and instead spent the time experimenting with what he had learned in his environmental science classes at college. He is now reaping in the rewards of his successful business.

The recession has led consumers to start growing their own fruit and vegetables, which in turn has led to the thirst for new and innovate products. Recent statistics from consumer group ‘Mintel’ for example, found that vegetable seed sales have outer performed flower seed sales for the past three years and high demand for allotments around the UK is outstripping supply. It is therefore a crucial and lucrative market ready to be latched onto. Standby, I anticipate a lot more projects like this to emerge. Watch this space.

To read more about Callum Davis and his successful business, see here.

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